About me

Aneta Barvínková - Anny Barvínková

I am doing my western show since I was 15. In 2012 I was on my first competitions, where I get my first titles (on these competitions I was the only women, the rest of competitors were man). I was twice second on junior European championship in valuation of Frank Ulster in using of whips. Also I am European champion in category: western show with whips and colts.

In 2013 I get my first job in western town Šiklův Mlýn (Czech Republic), where I have been performing for 2 seasons with my western show and also there I first time entered on "all the world's a boards" when I played my first drama. While I was studying, me and my dad Monty did various performances with this western show, we were performing for example on: company events, country balls, balls, celebrations, children days, etc. In 2015, 2016, 2017 I have been performing in western town Boskovice (Czech Republic).

In 2015 I was invited into Czech reality show by Michal Kovalčik: Ruda lejt najt. Then I was in another Czech tv show by Česká televize (Czech television) : Kousek nebe (Peace of heaven). Thanks to my hobby, which is acting in connection with my western show, I get a chance to play in Slovakian western series, directed by Zuzana Mariánková: Divoký zapadákov (Wild outstation), which was on tv screens in 2016 and 2017.

Nowadays: In 2017 I am still doing my western show, while I am still studying. We are performing on festivals, private and public events, but mostly on company events. And every year we are trying to do our show better and better.

In 2017 we exceeded board of 6000 fans and more that 12000 views of my videos on facebook page (Anny Barvínková - western show), thanks to these videos I get my first contract abroad. On multi-day western Wild Way festival in Spain, I performed in 3 cities (Madrid, Salamanca, Cáceres).

In 2018 we were invited into United States, into western town Tombstone (USA, AZ), where we performed for our American fans.

You could also saw me this year on tv screens, when I was in Czech tv show: Snídaně s Novou (Breakfast with Nova).

Me and even my dad have learned to this beautiful art all alone. Through those six years we have been experienced unbelievable events, adventures and also we met many amazing people and fans. What can I add? We are doing what entertain us, to entertain you!

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